Fairfax County Elementary School Teacher: “No DNA Test Needed, I Know What I See”

Published on Dec 13, 2009 in Archives, U.S.

WOODBRIDGE, Va.—Fairfax County Elementary School Teacher Jeanine Windstrom often feels like all of her fifth grade students have something in common. “I can’t help but to notice a striking resemblance between all of my students,” Mrs. Windstrom said.  “It’s as if they all come from the same gene pool.” Mrs. Windstrom’s class gained national attention earlier this week when an angry parent suggested that every student may have...

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UK Baseball Player, Accused of Canadian Citizenship, Sues University

Published on Dec 12, 2009 in Archives, Campus, World

LEXINGTON—A little more than a week after University of Kentucky standout pitcher James Paxton filed a lawsuit against his university, a startling leak from the NCAA investigative team handling the case may change the course of this unprecedented clash between student athlete and imperial power. According to documents that surfaced after a janitorial staff member at the Indianapolis Marriott Hotel foraged through lobby trash cans, Paxton...

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