Thank God football season is finally over! I’m so glad I don’t have to watch the Wildcats lose every single weekend. It really is tiresome to be the laughing stock of the SEC; getting beaten left and right by below average teams. But it’s okay, because there’s finally something we can all get behind; something we can stick it in our friends’ faces who go to Alabama or Notre Dame or even Texas A&M. Basketball! We’re gonna be so good this year. We have some of the top recruits in the nation: Noel; Poythress; Archie? Gimme a break! And, to top it off, Ryan Harrow has been transferred over and we have Mr. Wiltjer and his experience to lead the team. We weren’t ranked number one in the country at the beginning of the season for nothing. I mean seriously, what are the chances of a team of our caliber being outside of the Top 10 at any point this season. I’ll answer my own question: quite fucking low. So, UK students, if nothing else this spring, at least be cheerful for having the privilege to enjoy the dominating powerhouse that is UK basketball.

By Cliff Applebottom