Rioters protesting Greek austerity measures and the burgeoning Spanish deficit violence have swept American shores, with outrage over unfair labor practices artfully concealed over the Twitter-verse by reference to the spurious dispute between the NFL and its referees.

Even Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, noted for his stand-offs with local unions, expressed support, tweeting “After catching a few hours of sleep, the #Packers game is still just as painful  #Returntherealrefs.” The governor is clearly demanding a return to the strict financial regulations that would have prevented the financial collapses that prompted these measures, as a result of a loss by the “Packers” – a team collectively owned by the town of Green Bay, WI, a clear reference to the strong social norms that remind us all how to work together in a society.

When faced with this message, Governor Walker promptly shot a reporter in the face, calling him a “fucking collectivist apologist” and demanding “mah FOOTBAHL back!”